Functional Medicine Videos

Here you will find a selection of my educational presentations.  I hope you find them helpful!  Please contact me if you are concerned about your health and are interested in a Functional Medicine approach.  

Understanding the Complex Web of Leaky Gut

As far back as the Ancient Greeks, Hippocrates noted that, "All disease begins in the gut."  Modern science is continuing to confirm that theory more and more each day.  The surface area of the digestive system is massive.  So if there is a little inflammation present in the gut there is a lot of inflammation leaking into the rest of the body. It is inflammation like this that can lead to autoimmunity, cancer, heart disease, neurological decline, and much more.  So taking measures to heal the intestinal barrier system and reduce inflammation in this pivotal organ is a powerful endeavor in reducing inflammation in the rest of the body.  No matter if you are trying to improve an existing condition or interested in preventing one from beginning, periodic gut repair is key.  

Cholesterol - What Really Matters about it!

Cholesterol and Vascular Disease are some pretty hot topics in the world of medicine.  And the factors contributing to the decline in vascular health are more varied than you might first imagine.  In this talk we get into some of the lesser known mechanisms which go way beyond the basic cholesterol model of heart disease.  Learn how to screen for these risk factors and how to work with them to restore a more optimal cardiovascular environment.