Let's Talk about Sex (Hormones)! New Podcast Interview with Vegan Danielle

I was recently asked back as a returning guest on a the Vegan Danielle podcast to discuss sex hormones and the underlying conditions that can impact hormone activity.  If you are having concerns about things like hot flashes, menstrual irregularity, low libido, depression, or erectile dysfunction to name a few, have a listen to this podcast to get some of your questions answered.  And if you like what you hear, I invite you to reach out get the conversation started.  My goal in clinical practice is to provide information and options so that you can make the most informed decisions about your health. I strive to be a powerful tool for you in this regard. This podcast is one of those offerings.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sex hormones have become quite the hot topic these days and the discussions can range from concerns over menopause, to anti-aging, to loss of function.  Sometimes underlying hormone conditions don't present with symptoms of their own but they could be promoting some other seemingly unrelated problem. 

Some of these situations might very well benefit from hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  However, quite a lot of these conditions have an underlying cause that can be easily recognized and fixed without the need for HRT. 

It is well known that when blood sugar is out of range for example, stress physiology sets in which can interfere with the production of the sex hormones.  Chronic inflammation from any source can have the same impact. 

The goal of functional blood chemistry is to seek out these underlying mechanisms and fix them one by one.  This relieves some of the pressure impacting the hormone system.  Over time the body can regain control and optimization of the hormones naturally. 

Are you concerned about your hormones, or would like to learn more about what’s going on with your health? You can schedule an appointment online, or feel free to contact me with any questions beforehand. Thank you!