New podcast - "What's the Underlying Issue?" Gluten sensitivity explained

Want to know what the big deal is about gluten?  Check out my most recent guest appearance on the Vegan Danielle podcast, by the Specialty Produce Network! 

There is so much information out there about diet and being gluten free that it gets downright confusing.  My goal of this podcast was to point out some of the big concepts about gluten and perhaps some not-so-well-known concepts as well.

In this friendly half-hour interview we discuss:

  • how to be properly tested for gluten sensitivity

  • the difference between basic sensitivity and Celiac Disease

  • cross-reactivity of gluten with other foods and even parts of our own bodies

  • the autoimmune connection with gluten

  • and more!

For this episode (#86) and more, go to Vegan Danielle's website!

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