Give Your Body a Much Needed Break with a Group Detox!

Our Toxic World

Do you know one of the most common ways to be exposed to Bisphenol A (BPA), a harmful plastic compound, is through handling credit card machine paper?  Not only the paper, but all our currency has BPA from being snuggled up tight with receipts in people’s wallets!  Add the beverages that are consumed at an alarming rate from plastic bottles, and the plastic lids that are put on all those cups of tea and coffee.  The sad truth is that we are getting exposed to harmful compounds at an increasing rate.  Even the most conscious people have a hard time limiting their exposure. 

So what’s the harm?  Well BPA has been linked to things like breast cancer for one.  It can have many other concerning effects such as infertility and low sperm count, immune system dysfunction, structural damage to brain tissue, and increased obesity to name a few.  Aluminum, pesticides, and even our prescription medications are all sources of stressful toxins. 

It’s easy to ignore, but it’s important to understand that there is nothing going on in the mainstream medical model that is addressing these pressures.  The way things stand currently is that disease can set in and then measures are taken to alleviate the symptoms.  It is up to us to protect ourselves.

We can start by limiting every day toxic exposures.  For starters, make it a point to reduce plastics in your life.  Don’t heat your food in a plastic container, use non-plastic water bottles, and lose the top on that coffee cup! 

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Detox from the Inside Out!

But more can be done to ensure you are leading as clean a life as possible.  I have partnered with my colleague Dr. Dawn Liu to provide group detox programs designed to help clean out any toxic burden that may be lurking inside of your body.  We do this with a 4-week diet modification and supplement program. 

The dietary modification part is designed to remove most of the potential sources of inflammation and stress to the body.  This allows the liver to perform at a much higher level at detoxifying unwanted compounds.  

The supplements contain therapeutic doses of herbs and nutritional compounds that the liver requires to convert the toxic compounds currently being stored in the body into forms that can be readily excreted and removed.    

Many people who go through the program report benefits such as weight loss, less abdominal bloating after meals, healthier looking skin, and better energy!

The Benefits of a Group Program

The programs are moderated online as a group forum.  Dr. Liu and I post daily and answer questions, group members share recipes, as we all detox together.  The online platform allows participants to sign on whenever it’s convenient.  The more who join the group, the better the experience for everyone involved!

If you're interested in being notified about the next program, sign up below.  If you have a group of 4 or more that would like to do an exclusive program together, or just want to start sooner than later, please email me to set one up.

I hope you will join us and enjoy the benefits of a healthy detox break!