Gluten Free Asian Inspired Noodle Soup Recipe

A few weeks ago our son, who is not known for his interest in cooking, came up to me and said, "I REALLY want noodle soup.  Can we make some?"  I realized that he just finished watching a Kung Fu Panda episode where Po has a dream about making Chinese noodle soup.  Eager to encourage his culinary interest, we hit the pantry to see what we could come up with.

About half an hour later we were all enjoying darn respectable bowls of noodle soup!  Totally gluten free and full of vegetables, too.  This is a very flexible "recipe" (I put that in quotes because I think humanity has been making noodle soup since we discovered fire) that is perfect for a quick meal at home, and you don't need to visit an Asian market if you don't have one in your neighborhood.

Boil 1 carton of vegetable broth
Take off the heat and toss in a fist full of rice noodles (the Thai Kitchen brand is available in major supermarkets.  Any thickness works.)
Stir in chopped up cabbage, carrots cut into ribbons with a peeler, and any veggies you like!
Add some chopped up garlic and a dash of Chinese Five Spice.
Allow to sit for 8 minutes until the noodles are soft, and enjoy!

This is "fast food" that I can get behind!  Some great add-ins are shrimp, leftover cooked chicken, more veggies, tofu, bean sprouts... you name it!  To keep it gluten free, avoid soy sauce and imitation crab, which contain wheat.

-Debbie Chialtas