My Recent Interview on Sexual Energy

I was honored recently to be interviewed by my friend and colleague Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, Ph.D. for her weekly video podcast called "In the Den with Dr. Jenn." I was asked to speak on the topic of sexual energy which in my opinion is a much neglected part of our health. It is extremely important to consider our sexual health as not only a mirror into our overall wellness, ie. poor health leads to poor sexual energy, but also as a tool to strengthen our bodies and our spirits.

I will keep this blurb short and let the video speak for itself. Please enjoy the interview and of course if this discussion brings up anything for you please feel free and safe to contact me directly. I am here to help in many different aspects of your health... Sexual health certainly included.

For more videos and information about Dr. Jenn, who offers "a place for open and honest communication around sex, intimacy, sexuality, eroticism, sexual health, and relationships," check out her website.  She has over 127 podcasts on many topics.  You're sure to find something educational and her fun style is super entertaining.  It's the best way to learn!