Group Detox Post: A place to stay connected while detoxing together

Hi Everyone,

I am posting this blog entry for all those involved in the group detox that will be starting January 22nd and going through January 28th. We had a great pre-detox meeting last night and I was glad to see most of you there. And I was also glad to see a couple of you doing some networking yourselves! That is one great thing about getting a group of people together for a good cause. Get healthy and get connected!

So now down to business... In your kit you will have all of the products that you will need for the week. And you will also find the booklet with tons of info on how and when to do what. Check pages 22 and 24 for foods and the schedule. We discussed this last night as well, but if you have any questions along the way please feel free to either contact me directly or use the comments function on this blog post. That way we can all see the questions and my answers. And please if you find something cool share it with us here as well! Things like food ideas/recipes are really great. And if you are on Facebook get onto my Fan Page (Jim Chialtas L.Ac., Functional Medicine) and you can read through the posts from last years group under the Discussions tab. Check out the posts by Erin. She shared some recipes that were really great!

Lastly, there are several of you who were wanting to start the first two days of the cleanse with a lemonade fast. This last part of the post is a description on how to do this. For those of you who are not interested in this more advanced detox concept, just keep your first two days totally vegetarian and follow the protocol for the rest of the program...

The Lemonade Fast
During the first two days you will still drink the morning and evening shakes from your kit and will be taking the Alpha Base Foundations Caps. But during these first two days ONLY, you will not be eating any other food. Instead you will be sipping a lemon and/or limeade sweetened with grade B maple syrup. There is really no exact recipe for this drink it is to taste only, just make up a bunch for the whole day.
To make it you will just juice the lemons and/or limes in water or a dilute green tea. Using the green tea can help with appetite control so consider using it. Then add the syrup to taste. It is very important if you go this route to sip the drink every 15 minutes. Just take constant sips all day long. Drink and pee, drink and pee... That will be your day while doing this. Doing this will actually lead to a very stable blood sugar. Just don't get lazy and skip sips! That will lead to a low blood sugar state and you will start to feel bad. If you absolutely must eat something pick one veggie like steamed fresh green beans for example and only eat a few at a time.
After two full days of the morning and evening shakes, Alpha Base Caps, and the lemonade drink you will start the plan of days 3 - 7 where you bring back in the foods on the good list as well as the shakes, Alpha Base & PhytoCore caps twice a day. Oh, and remember to drink a lot of water through this. We want to pee that stuff right on out of us folks! Try to shoot for half of your body weight in ounces. I weigh approximately 160 pounds so I will shoot for 80 ounces of clean (not bottled or tap) water per day.
I think that about does it. Happy cleansing! And keep checking this post for comments.
Jim Chialtas, L.Ac., MTCM