I Have Low Andro What Now?

Quite often I get male patients that come in complaining of things like low libido, or trouble in bed, etc. and they are desperately trying to find out solutions for their problem. More times than not they have already gone to their primary doctor only to be told that all their hormones look normal and it gets easily brushed off as, “Well it is probably just stress.” So they might be offered a combination of Viagra and/or some anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs as a remedy. There is only one problem… The sexual dysfunction still does not come back. So what is going wrong for these men that is apparently getting missed?

Well it just so happens that when it comes to hormones like Testosterone there are actually several different forms in a class of hormones called Adnrogens. Testosterone is right in the middle as far as potency and what we think of in cases like this, DHT is the strongest of the three, and then there is a little known hormone called Androstenedione which is the weakest of the bunch. A very common thing to occur in men, particularly in men who have blood sugar imbalances, or high levels of inflammation, is that the Androstenedione levels begin to rise. They rise so high in fact that they begin to outcompete Testosterone and DHT for the binding sites on the cells. Androstenedione being a weak cousin to Testosterone will then only offer a very weak Testosterone like experience vs. what a man is used to with the other more potent forms of the hormones. So for all intensive purposes this man will present with “low testosterone” symptoms. But if you recall, his testosterone was normal. So how then do you figure out his problem?

Well the answer is simple… You test for all of the sex hormones! An easy solution that unfortunately is not being done in the typical doctor’s office. If you run a complete hormone panel and find that the Androstenedione is high then you have to fix the Androstenedione. If you find that Testosterone is low then you find out why and fix that. If you find that Estrogen is high then you go after the Estrogen. All of these scenarios will make for a “low Testosterone” experience. And all may be given replacement hormones or erection producing pills without ever really understanding the mechanisms at hand. Is that good care? Let me just warn you now that if you take replacement Testosterone when your have otherwise normal levels of Testosterone then you are harming yourself! And coming off of the hormone will be really uncomfortable to say the least.

So this is what I do. I help people figure out the exact mechanism of what is going on in their bodies. I then offer step by step plans to get back on track without the use of heavy medications. Give me a call today, and don’t let where you live stop you. I do this kind of work all over the country by phone and email consultations. But until then, be happy, and be healthy. And don’t settle for less than you deserve.