Morning Wood Vs. Morning Tofu

Ok, I joke a little with the title, but the concept is a valid one. The truth of the matter is that many men today are experiencing less than satisfying erectile function. And for many of those men the first thing that they are greeted with in the morning isn’t the rock hard erection of their earlier years, but rather a penis that would just rather sleep in a while. So what does this all mean? What is our morning erection, or lack thereof, indicating to us about our current health? I hope to explain this topic here and offer a couple of quick tips to help turn things around if this situation is something you experience.

Quite simply put men go through hormonal decline just like women. Our version is called andropause. While women get their symptoms all of the sudden with the hot flashes and the loss of their menstrual cycles, men get their symptoms more gradually. Men might begin to experience lower energy or drive at work, a decline in libido and/or erectile function, or might end up diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or blood sugar disorders. A man might experience any or all of these symptoms but will generally experience them over a number of years. Unlike women who have a well known diagnosis of menopause, men often times have their individual symptoms of anrdopause isolated from one another and the underlying hormonal condition may get missed completely.

But this article is about morning erections in particular. What exactly is going on in our bodies to create such a significant start to our day? The answer is that men have a significant testosterone release in the early morning. This sudden rise in male hormone provides for us our morning erection ans sets the mood for the day. When there is a decline in testosterone there isn’t the same stimulus and erections are not just a strong. The morning erection is generally the first indicator that there is something going on hormonally. Pay attention to how you are in the morning because chances are that if it is lacking, full blown erectile dysfunction is just around the corner. The morning erection is our canary in the coal mine so to speak and is an early indicator of andropause.

So what can be done about these morning erections? If just waking up in the arms of a beautiful woman isn’t enough then you may want to consider a couple of these helpful tips:
• Make sure to eat a high protein breakfast every day and snack on low carb foods throughout the day to stabilize your blood sugar. If you do not have stable blood sugar estrogen levels tend to rise which will alter the ratio of estrogen to testosterone.
• Get in frequent exercise. I suggest that you start from a cardio base and then add in weights. Try and maintain a target heart range of 180 minus your age +/- 5 for 30 minutes at least 3 times per week. This will help to elevate the release of testosterone and stabilize blood sugar.
• Eat foods rich in zinc or supplement with zinc. Many studies show that low zinc status is bad for erections.
• Consider the herb called Peruvian Maca. Research shows that this herb is safe and effective for male sexual function.
• Lastly, go and get your hormones checked out. Most men want nothing to do with this, but please guys, put your ego aside and get checked out for not just testosterone, but estrogen as well. Many MD’s don’t order this as a routine screen, so if you find this to be true for your doctor please contact me and I can order any of the hormone tests that you need.

So in conclusion guys, pay attention to what your penis is telling you. Not only does it offer you joy and happiness in your sex life, but it is also your partner in health. It can be an accurate indicator about your hormone status and your health in general. I strongly urge you to look into your current hormone picture and consider supporting your hormones naturally and without the use of replacement hormones. And of course please consider me a valuable resource for any of your hormonal concerns. I am located in San Diego, CA, but can consult anywhere in the country.

Best of health to you!