The Misunderstood Prostate

If there is one thing that us men have to look forward to as we get older it is the fear of our prostate glands swelling up like apples and wreaking havoc on our urination and sex lives. And of course then there is the matter of prostate cancer. But for most old guys it is usually safe to say that there will be at least some discomfort around the concept of peeing freely. We all know about enlarged prostates, but do we really understand why it happens and how to protect ourselves against it? I hope through this article to shed some light on that pondering. And offer some food for thought.

The primary reason for an enlarged prostate would certainly have to be elevations in the hormone DHT. DHT is an extremely potent form of Testosterone and is what is also responsible for male balding for the most part. When there is an over abundance of DHT the tissues of the prostate become enlarged and give us the problems men either already know and love, or will know at some point in our lives. It is for conditions like this that the herb Saw Palmetto is so well known. Many men already know this and sales for such supplements are soaring! That’s the easy scenario. That’s the one the docs all lean towards. It is the easy diagnosis. Most of the time hormone testing isn’t even done. It is a simple description of symptoms, a finger in the rear end, and wammo, a basic diagnosis is made. But what if there is more to the equation?

And what do you know, there certainly is more to the equation. A little known fact, and one that is never considered in mainstream medicine, is the role that Estrogen plays in prostate health. Why look at Estrogen in a man? We men certainly don’t want to hear about it if there is any female hormone floating around in our bodies! But it just so happens to play a major role in prostate health. Not to mention, breast tissue growth, depression, low sex drive/performance. Hell it can even affect your golf game! Did I get your attention yet?

It works like this… Estrogen acts to lock the DHT hormone into the prostate tissues longer than normal therefore promoting more stimulation to the prostate tissues with less DHT hormone needed. So in essence you can have normal or even low DHT and still have prostate problems! You see, hormones are supposed to bind to receptors in the target tissue, do their thing and then move along. Elevated Estrogen in men stops DHT from leaving the tissue and there is nothing Saw Palmetto can do about that. Perhaps these are the men who end up under the knife because they “have tried everything” without success. If only they were told the whole story perhaps there would be more healthy prostates out there doing what they do best! And if you don’t know what prostates do best… Well, they produce semen! And men would probably prefer to have their ability to produce semen intact if given the opportunity, wouldn’t you say?

The good news is that this is a classic Functional Medicine problem. Considering variables like elevated Estrogen in men and going after the root of the problem is how people get better without the harsh medications, hormone replacement therapy and/or tricky surgeries which very often lead to erectile problems. No knifes near my prostate please! And believe it or not, another female type hormone Progesterone also plays a role here, but that is another article. The bottom line is that prostate health isn’t all that simple. It deserves a lot of care and consideration to get the proper results.

If you or the man in your life is experiencing these discomforts please call and book a free consultation. There really is no time like the present. Seriously, if left too long there is no other option than surgery. Once these tissues get too big there is no turning back. Prevention is your best friend. Don’t let that strong male ego stop you from peeing freely or having the perfect orgasm. Because what is more manly than that? Seek out knowledge and act! Your prostate will thank you.