Why Does Sweet Hate Us So Much?

I have written quite a bit so far about how dangerous and damaging a high intake of sugar can be which might lead people to reach for the other alternatives to sugar. And the most common artificial sweetener would have to be aspartame. You can find aspartame in sodas, chewing gum, candies, breath mints, and you name it, it’s there. Aspartame is a mainstay in our culture and it appears to be here for good. So it is up to you to make the choice to avoid it.

Aspartame is made up of three different chemicals, and once ingested, these chemicals separate from one another and are then exposed to the tissues of your body.

The first component is Aspartic acid and composes approximately 40% of the aspartame molecule. Aspartic acid leads to high levels of aspartate which acts as a potent neuro-stimulant. These chemicals are known as “exictotoxins” and when exposed to the neurons on the brain can literally stimulate the brain cells to death! No joke.

The second component is phenylalanine which comprises approximately 50% of the total molecule. It has been shown that consuming aspartame raises your blood levels of phenylalanine. If phenylalanine is exposed to your brain serotonin levels begin to decline which can lead to depression and other serious mental disorders.

The last component is methanol otherwise known as good old wood alcohol! This makes up about 10% of the molecule. Wood alcohol is a known deadly poison. This poison can wreak havoc on your nervous system and can cause blindness among other things. This is how people would go blind from drinking moon shine back in the day. Dirty distillation techniques led to methanol production and subsequent poisoning. Well methanol is alive and well today in the form of aspartame. Methanol also has a very slow excretion rate from the body and can begin to build up to serious levels in the body over time. And if the diet soda drinkers that you know are anything like the diet soda drinkers that I know, it is usually a daily intake. And quite often more than one per day too. The Environmental Protection Agency limits the consumption of methanol to 7.8 mg per day, but one large diet soda can contain as much as 50 mg of methanol! You can do the math for yourself to see the dangers involved in drinking diet soda.

For a final closing statement let me just say that feeding your soda addiction is just like feeding any other addiction. It offers you some immediate reward at the cost of your health. I urge you to lose the soda of any kind. It is full of really nasty things that are out to get you. I also recommend that you check out the online video Sweet Misery. This video will tell you much more than what I have had the opportunity to tell you here, and they do a much better job at scaring the holy hell out of you too!