The Menopause Pathology

It is unfortunate but true that life’s most natural processes are quickly becoming institutionalized and medically managed. They are being treated as "pathology." There is nothing more natural for example than when a woman’s hormones begin to decline and she enters menopause. It is as natural as puberty. Men also go through a similar process. It is the natural way of things. More and more though we humans feel the need to fight against what is happening naturally. We feel that somehow we might just be able to reverse the millions of years of development through the cunning use of chemicals. Well, let me just say that when you really look at the situation critically, and not blindly, it becomes apparent that women are increasignly being injured by the very system that has pledged an oath to protect them.

The story goes like this… A middle aged woman goes in for her routine medical visit and discusses with her doctor that she is experiencing hot flashes and other various uncomfortable symptoms. Some tests are run and it is determined that she is indeed beginning menopause. She is then given replacement hormones to “fix” her problems.

What the doctor does not explain is that these hormones are doing nothing to actually fix anything but in fact are going to complicate matters in the future. So much of mainstream medicine is focused on the band-aid approach of covering up the symptoms of a root cause. Replacement hormone therapy, given to menopausal women, is often times really good at eliminating the undesirable side effects of menopause, but only prolongs the inevitable. Once on the replacement hormones a woman’s body becomes reliant upon them and eventually becomes weaker in the process. The systems that she will need in place once off of the hormones will by then be sluggish and unresponsive. And once the call is made to get off of the hormones she will experience symptoms like she has never felt before! And in the mean time she has increased her risk of breast cancer, heart attack and stroke considerably. No joke!

Perhaps supporting the woman’s whole body instead of weakening it would be more beneficial. The reality is that the uncomfortable experiences associated with menopause are easily managed naturally without the added threat of cancer, heart disease and strokes!

Perhaps the most beneficial thing to do for a woman entering menopause is to support not the ovaries but the adrenal glands. That’s a little tidbit that I picked up while looking into where female hormones come from after menopause. The whole concept of menopause is that the ovaries stop responding to the signals from the pituitary gland in the brain. The ovaries then no longer produce the sex hormones. The burden now lies upon the adrenal glands. And in this fast paced modern society, adrenal fatigue is at an all time high! It is no wonder why so many women are having a hard time with their midlife changes. Without the proper support they are experiencing full force what hormone withdraw can feel like and then are told that hormone replacement is their only option. Well shame shame to the medical system for pulling the wool over our eyes on this one!

Take it from me, clinically, and in my research I have seen more women on hormone replacement therapy in a dangerously out of balance hormone picture than not. This is especially true of the hormone creams that seem to be all the rage especially in the “alternative medicine” community. Please stay away from any topical hormone cream. And I mean all creams even if they say that they are all natural and bio-identical. If you must take replacement hormones try to take them under your tongue.

The dangers of hormone replacement therapy became very clear to me one day while speaking with a head of Endocrinology at a well respected hospital in Oregon. I asked him about how they monitor hormone levels in the replacement model and he told me that they don't. They don't! They go by symptoms. Does this give you comfort that your health is being valued? Well it scared the hell out of me that's for sure and opened my eyes a little wider than they were before!

But in the mean time please, women, consider the implications of your hormone replacement therapy. Educate yourself about all of your options. Invite me to do a lecture for you with your friends and families. Challenge your doctor with good and educated questions. And for god’s sake, call me for an appointment so that we can get a clear picture of your hormone status. It could very well save your life. Menopause is not a pathology that needs medicating. There are safe, effective and natural alternatives.