The Basics of Weight Loss

Weight loss is probably one of the most frequently asked questions that I get these days. “Can you help me loose weight?” I will try to answer this question here today by detailing some major factors involved in weight management.

Of course the first and foremost concern that people need to consider when trying to loose weight is to eat a healthy diet and do some regular exercise. Of course… Everyone knows that so I won’t beat that one to death. But really… Eat right and exercise for God’s sake! Now let’s move on.

If I were to focus on just one concept that is working to make people fat it would have to be blood sugar imbalance. I know, this is tied into eating right which I just said that I wouldn’t beat to death, but I think that you need to know more about why. Perhaps if you know why you should eat right you might actually give it a try. High blood sugar really is the root of all evil when it comes to health and longevity and it must be considered with every meal if you want to loose weight.

When blood sugar is not in balance the body goes into an alarm reaction. This is followed by an imbalance in the stress hormone Cortisol which I frequently write about, and then works on a hormone called Leptin. Leptin is the hormone responsible for stimulating hunger. It is also made in the fat cells so the more fat that you have the more potential to produce Leptin. Over time resistance to this hormone develops and this person can no longer mediate their hunger response. They actually loose the ability to realize when they are full so over eating becomes a concern. One key to loosing weight is to understand the blood sugar/Leptin connection.

Aside from Leptin, high blood sugar over time will also lead to insulin resistance. This can also be referred to as “pre-diabetes.” Once insulin resistance has occurred the body is impaired from transporting blood sugar into the cells to make energy. This unfortunate process leads to lack of energy and then to a direct transformation of this excess blood sugar into stored fat! So not only do you feel tired and lazy, but no matter what you will make more fat anyway.

There is also one other phenomenon that is worth mentioning here called pica. Pica occurs when an animal is mineral deficient and they begin to have cravings that can’t seem to be quenched. Remember the potato chip slogan, “You can’t eat just one?” That company is keenly aware that salt and sugar are the main things that people reach for to quench their pica cravings. Junk food! You can see the same thing in horses that chew on their barn doors. They want the salt that the rancher was so kind to leave behind with his sweaty hand. Give that horse minerals and no more chewing. Pregnant women experience this as the fetus uses up a major share of their minerals. Give the woman minerals and she stops with the bizarre cravings. Some women have been known to eat clay from the back yard! No joke!

So is it imperative that anyone wanting to loose weight take in plenty of minerals, be sure to stabilize their blood sugar and exercise frequently. I of course can tell you more about how to accomplish this but you will have to book an appointment for that! ;)

Through all of my education I have gathered so much evidence of the detriments of obesity and how it lends itself to many of the very nasty modern day diseases. Obesity is an epidemic in our society and is responsible for billions of dollars in health care costs annually. The fortunate part is that it is in the hands of the people to make the changes for themselves. If we all just avoided food served to us by the large corporations we would be helping ourselves and also the world at large! Only a very small number of overweight people are that way for genetic reasons. It really does boil down to poor eating and lifestyle choices and perhaps a poor understanding of good and bad. But with the proper guidance and some due diligence, wonderful changes can be made.