Why should I get acupuncture?

I get this question a lot... "Why should I get acupuncture? Actually the most frequent question is, "Does it hurt?" I will address the does it hurt question later though. So when deciding if acupuncture is right for you it is important to consider a couple of things.

The first thing to consider is if you are at all tired of the typical medical experience. I already gave an example of that in my previous entries. If you are, then acupuncture might be a good thing for you.

The average acupuncture appointment lasts approximately one hour. The average western medical appointment lasts approximately 12 minutes. People also usually leave the acupuncture appointment feeling better than when they came in. When was the last time that you left your doctors office feeling better than when you walked in?

Next would be to consider your prefrence for natural medicines. Acupuncturists usually use Chinese herbs along with the acupuncture. These herbs are a potent form of medicine that can help treat many different conditions without the need for western drugs. So if you are looking for a possible alternative to prescription drugs then a visit to an acupuncturist might be in order. In my practice I also offer high quality condition specific nutritional formulas to be used where appropriate.

And finally, there is always the curiosity factor. We all know someone who has had a positive experience with acupuncture. Sometimes we need to see that the people around us liked the experience before we will make the plunge ourselves. If that's the case for you, then what are you waiting for? Make the appointment and try something new!

As far as why you should come in... The best way to use Chinese Medicine is for prevention. And when preventing something of course you aren't experiencing it yet. So coming in when you feel good is a great thing to do! Keeping the body well tuned will work to strengthen the body when it does come up against an infection or an injury. You will find that problems won't come up for you as often or as bad if acupuncture is a regular part of your life. You may simply feel better, sleep better, digest better and whatever else.

There is an old Chinese saying that is worth repeating here... "Don't wait until you are thirsty to dig a well!" I couldn't agree more.