Phone Consultations


Unlike acupuncture where a person must be present for the session, a Functional Medicine consultation can take place long distance.  The tests can be ordered in most parts of the country and a phone or video consultation can be scheduled.  Supplemental or herbal support can be easily shipped as well.  Don't let your location stop you from seeking support - our office is just a phone call away.  

 An in-person or long distance consultation begins with a 30 minute discussion involving information on the intake forms, personal and family history, reviewing past lab testing and discussing some options going forward.  If new labs are needed they can be ordered at this time.  After receiving the lab results a detailed Report of Findings will be created and a 60 minute follow up consultation scheduled.  During this meeting there will be a detailed explanation of the findings as well as recommendations regarding diet and lifestyle or any supplement strategies which have been shown to be helpful.  Once a plan has been agreed upon a short follow up test is typically done six to eight weeks later to check progress or to adjust the dose or type of supplemental support. 

If you would like to find out if a remote consultation is right for you, please use the form below to introduce yourself and explain the basics of your case.  Jim Chialtas will return your message within 24 hours.

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