At Laurel Acupuncture, I offer both Acupuncture and Functional Medicine.  I often combine the modalities to provide a completely holistic treatment.  Depending on the health issue at hand, many patients also receive massage during their appointment. Acupuncture and Functional Medicine are different, yet have much in common.  Balancing the body's function is at the core of both philosophies.

Acupuncture is an ancient system of therapy which involves the insertion of thin needles into the body at very specific points.  These points are located along channels called meridians which travel the length of the body and correlate with the muscles, joints and internal organ systems.  The points are carefully chosen for each person every time acupuncture is administered by feeling for qualities of the pulse, by observation of characteristics of the tongue and by palpation of the points themselves to look for areas of pain or tenderness.  If there is imbalance or disease certain characteristics can be observed and appropriate points chosen. 

Acupuncture FAQ

Does acupuncture help neck pain?  

Acupuncture has been shown to be very good for all types of pain.  Neck pain is a common complaint.  We have a saying in Chinese Medicine.  "Where there is pain there is stagnation."  So neck pain is a stagnation of the flow of Qi in the neck.  By stimulating the acupuncture points we can open up the flow and relieve the stagnation.  This allows for a reduction of pain and healing to occur. 

Does acupuncture help migraines?

Migraines are conditions that can come from many different origins.  Not everyone has migraines for the same reason.  Acupuncture and the whole system of Traditional Chinese Medicine works to address the specific underlying pattern causing your individual migraine problem.  Acupuncture can work with the root of the problem to reduce the frequency and intensity of the migraines while at the same time working to reduce the symptoms of pain should you need help while having a migraine.  

Can acupuncture help with digestive problems?

Our digestive systems are complex and problems can arise for many different reasons.  We may have stomach pain due to an infection for example while other times it may be because we can't break down our food appropriately.  The system of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture helps us sort through all of these possibilities so that we can treat the condition more specifically.  

How does cupping help back pain?

Cupping is a wonderful tool for issues like back pain.  In short, pain is a stagnation of Qi and Blood.  Cupping offers a way to invigorate Qi and Blood.  This increases circulation to the injury site, helps reduce inflammation, and encourages healing.  

Does acupuncture help with fertility?

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can provide a powerful way to increase fertility.  It is also used in conjunction quite successfully with In-Vitro fertilization (IVF) or other Western medical modalities for fertility.  Acupuncture can be used to address any of the underlying blockages the man or woman might be having which is hindering fertility.  It can also be used on or near the day of IVF to increase blood flow locally and help optimize the chances of a successful implantation.